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crocheted gloves?

Does anybody have a pattern for crocheting fingerless mesh gloves with a gauntlet-style cuff?

Edited to add: summer weight, and steampunk-tinged.

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I suppose it’s only human to have ups and downs, and this past week was very much down for the first few days. Neil was in the Carolinas for a business trip. I used that as an excuse for not keeping up with my daily life or routine, eating poorly, not exercising much, and not getting a lot of work done.

Then it was the weekend in Detroit for niece’s baby shower. I was crocheting madly on the flight out — and glad we were a bit late — but finished with plenty of time to spare. I think it turned out quite nicely. The shower was great and it was fun seeing all the relatives again at a happier time than November’s trip. But again I didn’t eat right, didn’t get exercise, and laid awake at night beating myself up about it.

I started to do the wrapup for last month, but it was a litany of things I didn’t do (subtext: you lazy bitch) so I deleted it. Will try again today.

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