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A few weeks ago I posted about a young man working for my husband’s company who needed a bone marrow transplant and had very little chance of finding one due to an unusual genetic mix. You guys along with many other people around the world responded with enthusiasm to spread the word and get tested yourselves — whoohoo for social networking! *g* Now they’ve found not one but two closely matched donors. As the patient’s mother put it in email forwarded through the company:

Five weeks ago, we received the devastating news that there was 0%
chance of finding a donor. Due to all of the overwhelming support and
response to our call to action, not one, but TWO 10 out of 10 matching
markers have been found and secured. We have not been told who these
angels are due to confidentiality reasons, but we are so grateful for
them! Both donors will be prepped, as well as Nick, for a transplant,
which should take place within 30 days. Nick still has a long road
ahead of him, so we ask that you continue to keep him, as well as both
donors, in your thoughts and prayers for a successful transplant. We
ask you to continue to spread the word for the need for donors, as
Stanford will continue to search for even more perfect matches, until
the actual transplant day. Also, we never want any family to experience
the hopelessness of not being able to find a donor match. The harsh
reality is that there are thousands of people just like Nick waiting for
a donor match to be found. Time is ticking away and they need your help
too. Please continue to spread the word that every person ‘in good
health’ should be tested and enlisted into the registry. Time is of the
essence! This is Nick’s wish, and ours, that every person should have a
fighting chance!

For those who wish to follow Nick’s progress, this blog will continue to be updated:
The Race to Save Nick Glasgow

Thanks again to everybody who registered as a donor, or helped spread the word.

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A young man at my husband’s company is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. The ideal match would be 3/4 Caucasian and 1/4 Asian (specifically Japanese), but anyone who is any percentage of a mix of Caucasian and Asian (any type) could be a match.

Update: additional information from the company:

Facts about the procedural aspects of bone marrow donation

If a qualified donor is identified and medical or travel costs are an issue, this will be taken care of.

Nick came down with what he thought was strep throat a few weeks ago. He was informed that he has leukemia and was admitted to the hospital immediately for chemotherapy. Two rounds of chemotherapy and blood, platelet, saline, and antibiotic infusions have all failed to put Nick into remission. Nick’s white cell blood count is too low for another round of chemo, and has been sent home.

It’s a very aggressive cancer, his time is running out, and apparently there are very few Caucasian/Asian donors registered with the national donor registry.

If you or anyone you know might fit the profile and be willing to be a donor for this young man, please call Carol Galespi (this is the spelling I was given but I suspect it’s Gillespie) at the Asian America Donor Program (AADP) at 1-800-593-6667 extension 104. She is Nick’s liaison right now in accessing test results and expediting them to Nick’s doctor’s.

Carol and the AADP are also providing FREE testing if you are located in the Bay Area, CA. Please contact her directly if you are local to have your testing done instead of going through the registration process at http://www.marrow.org. (I’ve also been told that a bone marrow testing drive is being planned for the EMC Bay Area, CA locations next week by AADP. I’ll post an update if I hear more.)

If you live elsewhere, you need to register through http://www.marrow.org, then contact Carol at the above number with your register id number, the location where you were tested, and testing date. This is so they can expedite the results; at the rate the cancer is progressing, Nick might not survive until the results make their way through the regular channels.

Please feel free to pass this information on to anybody you know who might fit the profile and be willing to become a donor for this young man.

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