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haiku for spring

happy pink flowers
pollen streaks puddles yellow
my nose overflows

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weekend haiku and tanka

A miscellany of this weekend’s haiku and tanka, in no particular order:

the language of geese
flying too high to be seen
do you understand

welcoming blankets
his hands, his mouth, familiar
the rhythm of the night

in the space
between night and day
we linger

Quadzilla* wakes up
kids stampede to the lift line
snowboards catch big air
pond ice too thin for skating
temperature rising fast
* Quadzilla is the name of the lower-mountain chairlift at Waterville Valley

small creamy spider
centered on her sparkling web
waiting for her lunch

elegant tall woman
wasp-waisted means wasp-hipped too
her feet are tiny

the evening star rests
above the mountain’s shoulder
secret temptation

water always takes
the path of least resistance
flows around the rocks
evaporates in the heat
and falls to the mountaintop

hummus and crackers
chocolate-covered cranberries
lunch fit for a queen

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the flowers of spring
aging, fading, edges torn
may yet bear good fruit

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morning song

fog at the windows

cold rain, sore muscles, warm bed

laundry awaits

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