Friday the Thirteenth

…is usually a good-luck day for me.

Much calmer this morning. Bright and sunny, a bit chilly but should still be warm enough to let us eat breakfast on the deck.

View from the room. The world is fine; it’s the camera that was slanted.

Our plans for this day at sea include eating, sampling cocktails, attending several music events, and did I mention eating? Also, they’re asking everybody on board to take a Covid test later this morning. Hopefully no nasty surprises there.

Piano quartet playing Schumann, followed by leisurely dinner


Finally at sea

Of course the pool features decorative penguins
Slick looking regal in Neil’s chair

Limo comes in about two hours. Tomorrow morning we wake up in Santiago.

Testing phone app

Fluffy orange cat
Slick says happy new year


I’m planning to post vacation updates photos here over the next few weeks.


Looks like with Twitter in danger I’ll need another place to go–so for now I’m reviving Cowgirl in New England and hopefully The House at the End of the Road, if I can remember how to access it.

I’m not giving up on Twitter yet, but if things go south rapidly, I’ve got this place to retreat to.

Day 2: the sun rises

The sun rises over the valley

Day 1

writing status

The past few months I had been feeling like I’ve been totally stalled, accomplishing nothing, making no progress. So I sat down and looked at what I’ve actually done.

Since NaNoWriMo 2019, I have:

  • Written three novel first drafts (two for NaNoWriMo and one in Camp NaNo).
  • Completely revised Troy’s first novel after restructuring the whole series.
  • Completed two edit passes on the revised first novel.
  • Fleshed out most of the rest of the series, including partial drafts of at least two more novels.

I guesstimate that’s about 200,000 words written and more than that edited.

Yeah, there’s still a lot of editing and revising before any of the projects sees the light of day, but I’ve come a long way, too.