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house update

Life is settling into a house-on-the-market routine, much calmer than the clean-and-polish-the-house routine but just as stressful in its own way. The house is too clean and too bare; it’s hard to relax. Every time the phone rings, we jump, even though we know it’s probably that stupid “This is your credit card company with important information about lowering your interest rate” robocall. I know it’s only been a couple of weeks, but it feels like we’ve been waiting forever.

And it’s odd having Neil home all the time — pleasant, but hard to keep our joint activities from sucking up my writing time.

I have had writing time. I’ve even tried to use it. I’ve managed a few hundred words, so it could be a lot worse — but I want to be writing. The ideas are there and the words are there, but they don’t want to come. I need to prime the pump. That’s why I signed up for the A-Z blog next month. I’m also going to do the haiku challenge and some “word sketches’ that Beth suggested (thanks!). I’m hoping that will remind me what it feels like to have words on paper.

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