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This is still not quite right. I don’t like the tercet and some of the lines are rough. But overall, I think it works. I wrote this for Bliss Morgan’s #Nightmare_Fuel project, based on the Day 3 picture. I can’t get a link to work — don’t know what’s wrong. If you search on nightmare fuel day 3, you can find it.


They should not have left her there alone
with only the ghosts and the wolves
She should have played among the flowers
Until, flowering herself, she let love bloom
And gave her heart to love
As the prophet says, to leave father and mother.

She loved the tales told by her mother
Of the time when banners flew where towers now stand alone
Of the princess who died of grief and love
Leaving the ruins to be a den for wolves
How every spring when the lilac blooms
Her ghost walks and frosts the flowers

Where she has stepped, no fruit tree ever flowers.
“Do the shadows come for people, mother?
Do wolves spill our blood upon the blooms?”
“No, dear, never. Though the towers bloom alone,
God loves all creatures, even wolves.
He keeps all alive with His love.”

The fever came. It gave no thought to love.
Pale forehead, burning cheeks like flowers
Winter’s burning, the time of wolves.
“I hear them at the door. They’ve come for me, Mother.”
She held her tightly. “I won’t let you go alone.”
True she spoke. She went with Death, to where no blossom blooms.

In her hands they placed a single bloom
A hothouse rose, the precious reminder of love.
“Where are you, Mother? Why have you left me alone?”
On the snowdrift, the wolf’s fresh kill bloomed like a flower
She clung to the rose. “Oh Mother, Mother!
Don’t leave me here! Don’t leave me as food for the wolves!”

In the night she hears the howling wolves
Rising to run when the full moon blooms
Calling beneath the windows, “Oh Mother, Mother!
Hear me, Mother! How I cry out with love
and longing!” Her mother weeps over the decaying flower.
She sits in the kitchen and weeps alone.

Two ghosts walk, seeking love.
Frost blooms behind them and the flowers wither.
Her mother should not have left her alone.

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