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sometimes it’s just shit

Lately I’ve seen a lot of supposedly comforting and supportive comments from people in various blogs and in real life, to the effect that “These bad things always happen for a purpose.” (I guess mainly because a lot of bad things have been happening recently.)

And sometimes that’s true. Sometimes life does set you up to learn a lesson, or your own actions box you into a corner that forces you to see your own destructive patterns.

But sometimes it’s just shit happening. Sometimes you lose your job because the economy is bad or your boss is a dick, or you come down with a serious disease because of a defective gene from your parents, and it wasn’t anything you did and there isn’t any lesson you need to learn. You can learn, of course. Humans are always learning. That doesn’t mean the bad thing happened for the purpose of teaching you.

And it’s kind of insulting to tell a person who’s just lost her job because of age discrimination that she needs to learn something from it. And we won’t even mention the guy who was giving his friend a lecture about how if you don’t have a positive outlook you attract bad things to yourself — the friend who just lost a kid in a drunk driving accident.

I understand the need to try to make lemonade out of life’s lemons. But it’s not always the answer.

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I’m so sick of all the name-calling over everything that gets said in politics these days.

Not everyone with reservations about how the administration’s proposed health plan will be run or paid for is a nut job, let alone right wing.

Not everyone who would prefer to see healthcare treated like a public resource is a socialist, let alone a liberal.

Maybe if we’d each shut up and listen, instead of shooting off our mouths all the time, we’d learn something, come to understand the problem more thoroughly, and design a better proposal with a better chance of working.

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