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hike photos

Photos from the weekend hiking here.

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back from the mountains

We’re back from our three-day weekend in the mountains. Had a great time, did not get snowed in, hiked a lot. Now I’m tired and sore, but happy.

Hopefully pictures and a longer post tomorrow.

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Back from yet another vacation

Anniversary weekend in the White Moutains of New Hampshire was wonderful.

Saturday, we played golf at the surprisingly tough 9-hole course in Waterville Valley. Had dinner at the Wild Coyote Grill, which was excellent as always. Walking back the sky was so clear and bright the milky way overwhelmed the constellations.

Sunday, the weather continued gorgeous. Instead of the modest safe hike we planned, we hiked up Mt. Osceola, which has a grand view of the mountains. It was so clear we could see all of the Presidential Range — even Mt. Washington was completely out of the clouds. The trees are beginning to be touched with red, orange, and gold. Got pretty tired coming out, but not so tired I couldn’t enjoy dinner at the Common Man in Lincoln. They have the best lobster-corn chowder. Or maybe it just tastes good after hiking 6.4 miles *g*

Monday we slept in. Neil played another round of golf while I sat in the sun nursing my sore muscles. We had lunch at King’s Crossing in Lincoln (excellent for breakfast and lunch if you’re ever in the area), then drove down the Kankamagus Highway and the Bear Notch Cutoff admiring the views and the colors. Got home late, tired, and happy.

I have pictures but I can’t find the camera cord :p

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hike photos

Photos from this weekend’s hiking.

We left midafternoon Sunday, drove up to the Highland Center in Crawford Notch, and stayed the night so we could get off to an early start Monday morning. I’m still recovering, so I dropped Neil, David, and Kat off at the trailhead to hike up Mt. Washington, and I drove over to the Cog Railway and went up that way, which was cool but not hiking. The plan was, I’d meet them at the visitor center for lunch, then I’d railroad back down and they’d hike down.

The weather interfered. A big ol’ storm blew in, so Neil and the kids stayed at Lake in the Clouds hut, about a mile from the summit, while it blew by, and I got to watch a brief blizzard in July. 40mph winds, temperature dropped ten degrees, sleet horizontally outside the windows — very cool from inside 😀

I walked around the Base Station while I waited for them to get down. Got to see the small museum about the history of the cog railway — it was apparently the first one in the world — and walk along Amonoosuc (probably spelled wrong) Brook for a ways, admiring the cascades.

All in all, a lovely day.

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We’re heading off to the mountains again. This time Neil’s going to climb Mount Washington with Kat and David, weather permitting. I’m not up to that yet so will be doing something else, probably painting, maybe hiking in an easier place. Mount Washington is the tallest mountain in the northeast, at 6288′, but there’s a loop over some 3000-foot mountains that’s kind of nice.

Well, for people from Montana, they’re only kinda sorta mountains, but they’re fun anyway 🙂 And tougher than they look. Many of them make up in nastiness what they lack in height — especially Mount Washington. Because they rise so high from the surrounding land, they can create updrafts that make their own weather. The strongest wind ever recorded was atop Mount Washington, at 231mph (they say that was when the wind gauge broke, so it could have been stronger.) The trails are steep and rocky, often swampy. We’re going to be taking precautions.

But the forecast is good, the sun is out, and we expect nothing but fun 😀 See everybody Tuesday!

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Tomorrow it’s back to work. For tonight, trip photos. We went to the White Mountains in NH, then Lenox MA for some time at Tanglewood, more hiking, and a visit to the very wonderful Clark Museum in Williamstown. Feeling much better now as the antibiotics have really kicked the Lyme disease butt. I might even be able to focus on writing and editing next week 🙂

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what summer?

Neil and I are spending a couple of days in the White Mountains. The plan was to do some hiking. He had arranged to go on an all-day group hike yesterday, but that was canceled because of the danger of thunderstorms and bad trail conditions. Instead we drove through Franconia Notch, Crawford Notch, and Pinkham Notch, pausing to walk up to several waterfalls, which don’t really suffer for being surrounded by rain and fog the way mountain peaks do. We had alternating rainstorms, fog, and clear patches, and all in all had a great time. I felt really good — like the effects from the antibiotic reaction have mostly worn off, and the Lyme disease is on the run — but I’m still working into it gradually, so planned to take an easy day today. Neil was going to take a long hike by himself.

Woke up to light rain that rapidly became steady rain, with heavy rain and storms in the forecast. At first the radar looked like the storm might clear by noon, but that rapidly became an illusion. So we’re vegging.

Writing related results of the trip so far: I got an opening line and situation for approaching a revision of the dragons story. I figured out the entire plot arc for an idea that has been haunting me for years, possibly decades. And I got a much clearer idea of Troy and his character, and what’s going on with the living people in the ghost story. All goodness.

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it was a deer tick

Neil and I went hiking over the weekend with a group from the AMC — a two-night outing at Galehead Hut in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We had a great time (no pictures, unfortunately, due to an unfortunate conjunction of Neil’s picture-taking cell phone and a deep pool in the Gale River) despite the dreary weather, the insects, the mud, and the aforementioned river incident. Neil took a long hike Saturday while I stayed near the hut to try out my new water soluble oil pastels. They worked beautifully. (If the sun ever comes out, I’ll take the pictures out onto the deck and see if I can get a good camera shot to post.)

Mountain mosquitoes are vicious. When I put on extra bug spray, they thought it was a call to dinner. Not to mention that walking in drizzle and wading across rivers washed off the spray and I forgot to reapply. I got home with a number of nasty red welts, the worst one behind my knee where the hem of my shorts had irritated it.

The welt proceeded to get redder and itchier. It developed an itchy pink ring around the red, and then a white ring around the pink. And hurt. And did I mention itch?

If you live in Lyme disease country, you know these are bad signs. I couldn’t see a black spot that might be a tick, but they’re so small that doesn’t mean anything. By Tuesday morning the thing was even bigger, and I wasn’t feeling very good, so I went to the doctor. And yeah, it looked like Lyme disease to the doctor, too.

So I’m on antibiotics now. Not feeling too bad as these things go — tired, a bit achy, but getting better. Sigh. Not the way I planned to spend my week, but what the hey. And I wrote 3300 words yesterday anyway. So it’s all good.

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