Clearly I’m not going to be posting every day. I’ve done other sketches but none of them good enough to post.

This is from last night. I had oysters on my mind.

Shellfish Thoughts, ballpoint pen on white paper, 9 October 2017

Shellfish Thoughts, ballpoint pen on white paper, 9 October 2017


Crow at Lunch

I’m going to have a try at Inktober this year. Sketching and inking are not my strong suits; I much prefer working with big areas of color or big areas of light and dark. And I’m out of practice. Hopefully I’ll get better as the month goes on. I’m not likely to post every day–for one thing, I already missed yesterday–but maybe every other day will be do-able.

First attempt: one of the crows munching on late fall insects this morning. I’m not happy with the overall shape; it looks more like a pigeon than a crow. It’s ballpoint pen on post-it note.

2017-10-02 Crow at lunch2

Our instructor had us start this term working on portraits. I used to do pencil portraits, but I’ve only attempted one previous painting. So I’m pretty pleased with this version of daughter.

kat with cone

The seagulls trilogy

Finished the third of the seagull pictures. They were fun. The rest of the term will be portraits.

seagulls trilogy

Latest painting

Class is going well. This is my latest effort. I’m quite pleased overall. The wing of the seagull landing on the fence isn’t quite right, though, and I’d like more contrast with the plover and the beach.

seagulls 2

I haven’t been writing much–NaNoWriMo went well in November and I was able to wrap up a zeroth draft of Waiting for the Hurricane. I had plans to finish a first draft right away, but I couldn’t keep going through the holidays and extensive family obligations and travel. I’ve been working on my art but the writing has not been there.

Today when I was cleaning my desk and putting some stuff away, I knocked a box off the shelf. It landed on my foot. It was the draft and notes for Crows, the ghost story I drafted for NaN0 2013 and did another pass on for Camp NaNoWriMo last year.

So I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo with a goal of finishing the second draft. It will involve mostly filling in the places I skimmed over scenes, probably 20-25K worth of stuff, and deciding what to do about the two romance subplots. If I leave them both in, it might require quite a few more words. We shall see.

I even wrote a synopsis:

Everybody wants to find Carly.

Mrs. Norwood wants to kill her to protect herself. Her mother doesn’t want to lose her unpaid assistant. Heather wants her sister back. Dwight used to date Carly, but now he cares because Heather cares. He’s doing it for the woman he loves.

But the woman he loves doesn’t want him doing it. The woman he loves doesn’t believe in all that psychic stuff, not ghosts and especially not talking crows. The woman he loves thinks he’s batshit crazy.

And the crows are going to make sure he stays that way…

Art class continues

This is the project from the last couple of weeks. I did two versions of the same subject, a tuna boat approaching a pier just before dawn.

abstract view of tuna boat at Dutch Harbor

abstract view of tuna boat at Dutch Harbor

More realistic treatment of tuna boat

More realistic treatment of tuna boat