NaNo Day 1

I should have remembered that the first day of the month always requires some attention to household and financial needs. And Wednesday every week is busy–laundry day, grocery day, doing the bills day. So I should have set some more modest goals for the first day.

Nevertheless, I did get started. Set up the file and got the outline ready to go.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Boston for art class and Neil’s music lessons and dinner out, so it will probably be a low-count day, too.

But you probably already figured that out. Sigh.

Here’s hoping NaNovember goes better.

by the way

I’m hanging on by a thread right now.

Apologies to all the people I owe readings, crits, replies, or whatever.

It will pass. It always does. But meanwhile, well, I guess I’ll go out for a walk in the fall colors and remember how to breathe…

from art class

This isn’t Inktober, it’s just some studies I did for barnacles that are in my current art class project.

Yes, I am still writing. I find I do better overall when I don’t talk about it.

study of barnacles (not ink)study of barnacles (not ink)

study of barnacles (not ink)

Just for the record:

It’s a mistake to assume that simply because someone is in a long-term committed heterosexual relationship, that means they are comfortably heterosexual or even cis. They may well be, but they may also have come to some sort of accommodation between different and conflicting aspects of their personality and biology.

They may feel that if they lived their life ten times over, in the nine other times they would have chosen a different path. Maybe they even sometimes wonder whether they should have followed a different path. What kind of example is being set? The personal is the political, but the personal is also merely personal.

For “they,” substitute “I”.

Fall grass

This a new version of a sketch I did earlier this fall while I was playing golf, waiting for the group ahead of me to tee off. I was trying to clean up the lines and such, but it wound up looking pretty much like the original :p

fall grass, fountain pen on notebook paper

fall grass, fountain pen on notebook paper

Clearly I’m not going to be posting every day. I’ve done other sketches but none of them good enough to post.

This is from last night. I had oysters on my mind.

Shellfish Thoughts, ballpoint pen on white paper, 9 October 2017

Shellfish Thoughts, ballpoint pen on white paper, 9 October 2017