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wonderful birthday

Neil took me to Boston for a blowout birthday celebration. Overnight at the Lenox Hotel, the Bruins hockey game in the afternoon, and the Celtics basketball game in the evening. Now heading home after a delicious breakfast.20140301_132258

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So I fell off the wagon on Wednesday, when it became apparent that if I wanted to complete the sekrit needlework project in time to get it to the recipient before Christmas, I’d have to work full time and then some on the stitching, putting Crows aside. The needlework didn’t absolutely have to be finished; I could have worked on it over the summer and sent it for next Christmas. It’s a surprise, so the recipient wasn’t going to be disappointed about something she didn’t know was coming.

But I’d know, and I’d be disappointed. So I pushed hard and got it done — put it in FedEx Express about an hour ago.

So I’m behind on the writing. And I don’t care :D.

I’ll post a photo of the needlework project later, after it’s been received. After all this, I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

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Revenge of the Brave

Take that, fake princess! And good for you, Dork Tower!

Revenge of the Brave

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wellness returning

Hallelujah! I have played golf, and my arm didn’t break when I hit the ball :) I’m tired and my arm feels like it weighs a ton, but I didn’t feel any pain and I played reasonably well considering it was the first time I’ve been out since last year. I even finished all nine holes, though the last couple were a struggle.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get out two or three more times this week and next, and play in my regular league next week.

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Torrid Press has accepted Bad Fairies. I signed the contract this morning.

No details yet, but I will keep you posted.

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Progress progresses

This afternoon I had my physical therapy evaluation. It went well. I have a set of stretching exercises to do several times a day for the next couple of weeks, to try to keep the shoulder from getting stiff while the bone heals. Then I’ll start strengthening work as well.

It was tiring. And painful. But not bad painful. It hurts but it also feels healthier, if that makes any sense.

I got some work done this morning — market research mostly, trying to find a home for Graveyard Shift. Also some more on the Sal&Troy stories, and a bit on Fluffy.

So I guess I’m on the mend. Woohoo!

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gravity is your friend

X-rays show the bone shaft has dropped into alignment with the head. It’s not perfect — will still be some impairment in my overhead reach — but is at the point where the complications from surgery, including scarring, are likely to outweigh the benefits of a perfectly straight bone.

So I’m starting physical therapy soon to restore as much range of motion as possible. Some paperwork hoops to jump through with referrals and finding a therapist, but that should keep me busy for a few weeks.

I was able to get in a couple of hours of work on Troy and Sal’s novel this week. The pain is way down and hopefully as I need less medication, I’ll be able to focus more.

Thanks to everybody for all their warm thoughts and support!

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ouch ouch oh damn

So just as the blizzard was starting to let down significant snow, spouse and I went out for a walk before hunkering down. And I wasn’t paying attention at a spot where I know the road is always icy, and I slipped and landed hard on my left shoulder. I knew right away it wasn’t good. Neil got me back to the house.

We called the doctor, but by then the storm was bad enough that if we went down to the emergency room, we weren’t getting back for at least a day. Was it “life-threatening”? No, it was not. Painful, and annoying, but not life-threatening. So I dosed on ibuprofen and first thing Sunday morning called urgent care at the clinic I go to. They got me in right away, took x-rays, and told me there’s a break at the top of the humerus. Sent the x-rays to the orthopedist at the emergency room. He looked at them and agreed about the break.

What to do about it isn’t clear yet. It’s out of position right now, but shoulder breaks are unstable and it looks like it might be dropping into place, in which case it will just be a few weeks of pain while it heals. Or they might need to go in with a plate, which would mean surgery but would also stabilize the joint and allow me to resume activity much sooner.

I have an appointment tomorrow for more x-rays and a discussion of teh options, so we’ll see.

Right now I’m just hoping this doesn’t mean cancelling the cruise…

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I thought the cold I had in December had finally cleared up. I was stuffy and tired and my sinuses were clogged for weeks, but after New Year’s things seemed to be back to normal. But early in the week the fatigue seemed to be coming back. Tuesday when we went for our walk, I found myself coughing from the cold air and having trouble catching my breath. Wednesday, after our art class, I had trouble climbing up two flights of stairs — almost had to stop a few steps from the top and catch my breath.

I was worried enough to call the clinic, and they were worried enough to have me come in today and see another doctor, who was worried enough to send me for some tests including a chest x-ray (obvious) and an EKG (startling and scary, but on reflection, not surprising) as well as some blood tests.

Preliminary readings indicate I’m not seriously ill; it’s probably a virus that will have to run its course. I have some nosedrops for nighttime congestion (so I can breathe easier and therefore sleep better) and an inhaler to deal with the asthma symptoms, and I’m supposed to take it easy and get lots of rest and fluids.

So tonight it’s chicken soup and and early to bed. We had been planning to go cross-country skiing today or tomorrow. The inhaler has really improved my symptoms, so I’m thinking I might still go. Not sure the doctor would think that’s taking it easy, though…

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2012 in review

I won’t list all the trauma and drama again. When I went back through my notes, there was even more of it than I thought there was.

The rest of the year wasn’t too bad. I completed 11 of 12 Merry-Go-Round posts and the A to Z Blog Challenge in April. Wrote a sestina and several other poems for an April poetry challenge. Wrote a chapter for a collective novel we wrote for a friend’s birthday.

Progress on the bad fairies, the genie story, Whatever’s in the River (including part of next book in the series), two new short stories, and a new novel. Probably around 75K words total, which is better than I thought.

Set up a website for Alice M. Cole, my horror-and-sexy-stuff persona. I’ll continue the literary and women’s stuff under my own name. Not sure what to do about romance yet; probably Alice, since several of the horror/dark stuff publishers also publish romance and erotica.

Failed at March Madness, Labor of Love, Story A Day, Camp NaNo, regular NaNoWriMo, Nightmare Fuel, and the haiku challenge.

I had a good year with hiking and golf, and resumed yoga last week. The diet kind of fell apart, but I managed to hold it together well enough to not gain weight, though I didn’t succeed in losing any more.

All in all, it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it was on the writing front, especially considering the drama and trauma.

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