plot bunnies anyone?

Four disasters caused by food. Living in Boston, I had heard of the molasses flood. The pictures are horrifying. But the others were new to me.


electronic age

I just read yet another article wherein somebody complains at length about how strangers in a public place, such as waiting rooms and airplanes, have their heads down in their phones and tablets instead of interacting with their neighbors.

Excuse me? Strangers. All here for some other reason (in this case, waiting to get our hair cut). Interacting with intrusive gossips and uncontrolled extroverts is not on my agenda. I would hope we’ll all be courteous* to each other if we do need to interact, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with minding one’s own business, whether that means reading a book, playing a game, or just staring at the wall.

*Talking on the phone may be different. On the other hand, the guy on the phone is quieter than the three women laughing about somebody’s bachelorette party last weekend.

Trying to decide whether to participate in Story-a-Day this year:


red swirls

red swirls

Art class project. Part of a probable triptych.

real world work for fantasy stories

What Anglo-Saxon smiths made

wonderful birthday

Neil took me to Boston for a blowout birthday celebration. Overnight at the Lenox Hotel, the Bruins hockey game in the afternoon, and the Celtics basketball game in the evening. Now heading home after a delicious breakfast.20140301_132258

Overamped is done!

I just finished submitting Overamped to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest. 

Here’s the blurb: 

Joey Talmadge’s career as a professional snowboarder is taking off, but the rest of his life is a shambles. His mother drinks. His father is cold and unemotional. His sister is addicted to her career, one cousin is suicidal and another has a drug problem. His beloved grandmother has cancer.

And then his brother Jason is arrested for killing his own wife. He pleads guilty to manslaughter. Joey reluctantly promises not to try to see Jason while he’s serving his time. His mother persists, however, even tricking Joey into driving her to the prison where Jason’s being held.

On top of that, he’s afraid his girlfriend Alyssa is pregnant. He can’t imagine putting a kid through the kind of hell he went through growing up. With a family like his, what chance has he got? He’s glad to escape to Colorado’s high mountains for the start of the competitive season. But he finds himself unable to fall into the old life. The party scene interferes with his training and he keeps thinking of Alyssa and the baby.

An injury, an unexpected visitor, and news from Jason combine to push him to the brink. The only thing scarier than life with Alyssa is life without her. It’s too late to bail now and there’s no place to bail to. Can Joey stomp the landing, or will he wipe out on the biggest hit of his life?




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